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A Tour of American Catholic History: A Survey

Join us for this ten-week online course

October 18 – December 20, 2022

During this ten-week online course we will look at the major movements of Catholics into what is now the United States of America. From the first landing  of Catholics in 1513, through the age of exploration, into the colonial era, and then the waves of immigrants that peopled the cities and countrysides of the new United States.

You will get a better knowlege of just how deep and rich is the history of Catholicism in what is now the United States, from see to shining sea.

Cost Per Student

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Important Details

  • Courses will be weekly on Tuesdays.
  • Classes will be from 4:15 to 5:15 p.m. Eastern Time.
  • The third course will be moved from Tuesday, November 1 to Wednesday, November 2, so it is not on the Solemnity of All Saints.
  • We must reach a minimum class size of five registered students  by Thursday, October 13 to have the course. If we do not reach this, all registered students will be offered a refund or a credit toward their next course.
  • Registered students will be able to access recordings of past courses for three weeks after the course date.

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