Talks, Classes, and Seminars on American Catholic History

There’s always so much more to the story, let’s deep-dive together.

Noëlle and Tom Crowe

Online Events and Courses

We are working on a series of conversations, in-depth talks, and courses, where we will take a more in-depth look at American Catholic History. 

If you’d like to be informed about upcoming online events please let us know!

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Speaking Engagements

Noëlle and Tom have a passion for telling the stories of the men and women, places and events, that built and shaped the Catholic faith in the United States.

But the importance of knowing this history may not be obvious to all.

Noëlle and Tom will put together a program or talk that can help your group come to appreciate better the lessons we can and should take from those who went before.

And they’ll do it with their characteristic wit, humor, and directness. Remember: there are no outtakes in real life!

Potential Topics

  • The people and events that shaped the faith in your region or city
  • The catechetical value of studying your own local, state, and national history
  • Great religious founders — men or women or both
  • The Catholic impact on national events, like the Founding, the westward expansion, civil rights, etc.
  • A survey of Catholics who made a difference in various fields: entertainment, science, athletics, government, etc.
  • How Catholics asserted themselves in what was and is predominantly a Protestant country, and how this self-assertion helped to make this country more of what it was founded to be.
  • Major trends in Catholicism in the U.S.: trusteeism, civil rights, religious liberty, etc.

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