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Lilies of the Field

February 2022
Screen Grab with Book Cover

This novella by William Barrett, published in 1962, was the basis for the 1963 movie of the same name starring Sidney Poitier and Lilia Skala. Both of them were nominated for Academy Awards, with Poitier taking home the Oscar for Best Actor.

Listen to Episode 130 about the back story of the book and the movie.

How This Works

  • We’re reading a chapeter each week and posting a video on Locals with our thoughts and comments.
  • To get the videos and join in the conversation, use the code Lilies22 for a free month supporter access to our Supporters Group.
  • When the book is finished we will watch the movieĀ Lilies of the FieldĀ starring Sidney Poitier and share a live discussion via Zoom to talk about the book, the great things about it, and how well the movie shared the story.